Azadirachta Indica / Neem

Neem oil is known world over for its superb properties. It is basically a vegetable based healing agent in the oil form. Neem oil is prepared by pressing the seeds and fruits of Neem. It is an evergreen tree which is more prevalent in Indian subcontinent; however you will find it in some other regions as well. The scientific name of neem is Azadirachta Indica. Neem oils is used to treat variety of infections including scrofula, burns, ringworms, burns, indolent ulcers etc. Apart from these, it is also highly useful in treating acne. Even for hair lice and dandruff problems you can use neem oil.

The use of neem oil is no longer limited to humans; it is also used in plants or animals for a wide range of different diseases and problems. Apart from its medicinal properties, neem oil finds its use in toiletries, medicines as well as cosmetics. Neem oil has got a strong odor and resembles that of sulphur or garlic. It is bitter in taste and darker in color. Neem oil is highly effective and psoriasis and its affects.

Due to this property, they are used in medicines for animals and humans, pest control and more. It is biodegradable and completely natural. It also contains antioxidants in large mount. In addition to treating various diseases and fevers, this healing agent can also be utilized as an insect repellant. The entire skin ailments especially chronic problem can often be treated effectively against the neem oil. Some of them might include ringworm, urticaria, fever, malaria, jaundice and arthritis etc. Whenever you detect any infection, use neem oil. It will destroy the parasites, thereby making your skin healthy. You can use neem oil mixed with warm water to spray it on your petsí fur. If you do this, you will provide shine and luster to your petís fur. Also, it will keep the bugs away from the fur. You have to keep in mind that the pure neem oil is extremely powerful and thus you need to use it with caution. It is effective for control or prevention of various fungal diseases like leaf spots, needle rust, black spots etc.

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