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Neem is known to provide multiple benefits. Neem is a plant which belongs mainly to the Indian sub continent. This tree is has a rich history and is being used for more than 4000 years now. Almost every part of neem including seed oil, fruit, leaves and branches are used for some purpose or the other. In other words, it can be said that neem is a mini dispensary. Its healing properties are widely acknowledged since ancient time. However, with advancement of technology the potential of neem has increased manifolds and now it is coming out in many forms including oils, shampoos, soap, medicines etc.

Neem tree is also kwon as Azadirachta Indica . The main reason behind rich medicinal properties of neem tree is that its chemical constituents act as a health booster. Due to its effective and soothing uses, you will find its use more common in medicines, cosmetics and agriculture. The neem based cosmetics and other products are a great hit among the customers. Neem is no doubt a wonder plant. Neem is best known for its medicinal and healing properties and this is the reason why it is present in almost all the herbal medicines. The fact that almost every part of the tree can be used for medicinal use, this tree is considered as the best source of crude medicine. Its various parts are used to treat leprosy, skin disorders, constipation etc.

As more and more people are turning towards the neem based products, these products are successful in creating a niche in cosmetic segment.  Neem based toiletries and beauty aids are extremely popular among masses days. Since neem has also got anti insecticide and antibiotic properties, it can be also used in the agricultural sector. Neem is highly beneficial in the farming sector as it can be utilized as foliar pesticide, insecticide, fertilizer efficiency enhancer etc.

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